School dances should be safe, fun, entertaining and full of energy no matter what the grade level. That is why school dances with DJ Todd Moffre are just that way! If your school dance parties have gotten to be routine, lost OR never had the pizzazz they should have, you can call the areas professional, energentic and FUN entertainer Todd Moffre. Todd is not the same old DJ you have seen a hundred times before. DJ Todd Moffre has taken school dance parties to the next level with TOTAL DJ/student participation and interaction. Imagine that your students are not only attending the dance party but are becoming part of it! 

Todd has entertained thousands of students at hundreds of parties for over 20 years. He has been professionally trained as a party motivator, beatmixer and master game specialist. He has a fun and friendly personality combined with a unique entertainment style that also inspires fun everywhere he goes. And does he know music!!! Also trained as a beat mixing specialist, Todd knows that you want your students to enjoy the music they love while trying to steer clear of vulgarities and suggestive situations. That is why he only plays the radio edited versions for your students to enjoy. Also when Todd comes to entertain at your school the students will not be saying … “The DJ is playing OLD music”, that’s because he gets the latest chart hits updated EVERY WEEK along with the special dance remixes that give your party a dance club flair.  

How does Todd get everyone involved ? Well with a whole lot of fun of course. DJ Todd Moffre stays up to date with the current group participation dances that are hot with your students. He is sure to get them on the dance floor with dances like the Harlem Shake, Wobble, WOP, Cha Cha slide, Cupid Shuffle, Cotton Eye Joe, We like to Party, and more. There are also yesterdays greats like the TWIST, Limbo, Electric slide and Y.M.C.A.  He has a growing list to choose from so the party stays fresh every time ! 

Interaction is the key and DJ Todd Moffre loves to get your student more involved than anyone! Depending on the grade level will dictate the kind of interaction that you will see. If it is a grade school event, early on in the party there is a chance he will bring out the hula hoops for a few different activities to break the ice. For middle schools you might also see the LIMBO, high schools might have Todd out on the dance floor in the middle of the action getting everyone fist pumping high in the air.. Then as the party gets going Todd is sure to go heads and shoulder above everyone while he gets your students clapping, shouting, singing and jumping to the great music pumping out of the speakers. Then to add even more fun don’t be surprised to see him on the dance floor, with microphone out to your students so they can sing along and become part of the show.

For these and many more reasons DJ Todd Moffre is one of the Capital Districts most requested school dance DJs. Many schools book him for the next school year before the current school year ends !
"I have never seen the students have so much fun" ..."How did you do that ?!?!?"  ....."We will never select a different DJ " ... 
" You even got the parents involved" .... " This was such a good time" ...."You have made our princapal extremely happy"

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