Up Lighting 

Uplighting can bring your fairytale to life. Transform a simple room into a sensational one. Colors can add a wow factor like nothing else. Up lighting can be added to walls, curtains, statues and almost anywhere that you would like to make "pop". 

The colors can be coordinated to match the colors of your event. It could be your favorite color, seasonal colors or even the color of your eyes. The Party With Todd lighting packages can be set for thousands of different colors and shades to achieve limitless combinations. 
Bring different parts of your room too life with lighting. Adding lights under tables, in front of curtains, on pillars, statues and other room accents draw attention to them in a way not seen before .
Add uplighting to:
Your ceremony
Cake or gift table
Under or behind the head table
Along walls
Beside fire places
Just about ANYWHERE !!!
Custom monogram 

Put your name up in lights with a Party With Todd custom monogram.  Depending on the room or in some cases, tent, where your event is, will depend on where we can place your monogram but no matter where it is you can be sure it will be beautiful. Choose from hundreds of different fonts, graphics and designs. 

Your monogram can be used to highlight special moments during your event and/or be used as a simple yet elegant decoration.

Great for wedding receptions, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, sweet 16's, corporate events and just about anything where you would like to put your name, initials, logo or special design up in lights. 
Dance Under the STARS ...

​There is only one thing better then dancing under the Party With Todd starry sky effect and that is being outside under the stars themselves. Now you can bring that same feeling inside. Add ambiance, romance and just a really cool effect to your next event. The starry sky effect puts hundreds of laser generated stars that slowly MOVE while a blue evening sky gently rolls along. There is just something special to be dancing with the ones you care about most under the stars and when you Party With Todd we can help make that happen just about anywhere ! 
Full Sized Light Up DJ Booth - Todd's most requested event enhancement. Add more WOW to your event with our very classy light up DJ booth. A solid wash of color or we can let it flash with different colors to the beat of the music. This enhancement can be lit up with the colors of your event. We will let the pictures speak for themselves. Your guests will love the look and feel of the full sized light up DJ booth from the moment they walk in the room. 
Black Lights 

Adding black lights to any event (yes even weddings) will add unique fun. For the whole event or just the last hour. The Party With Todd  black light packages are geared for the event type. Combined with white and neon party favors black lights are just pure fun. Plug them in and let the party light up with glowing fun! 
Dance club lighting packages

If you want to add energy and pizzazz to your event ask us about our dance club light packages. Intelligent lighting, fog, lasers, flashing, twirling, spinning and filling your event with hundreds of colors around the room. Looking to have a NY City style or a Hollywood permierstyle event. Talk to us. Even if we are not the entertainment we can still provide the lighting to have your guests thinking they have walked into the hottest dance club around.  

Party Favors and Giveaways

​Todd carries a complete line of party favors and giveaways to keep your guests involved in all parts of your event. 

Glow - Everyone loves glow bracelets and glow necklaces.  From kids to adults. It doesn't matter if its a school dance or a wedding these fun favors glow for hours. 

Retro style hand outs are items like inflatable guitars and inflatable saxophones, Sunglasses, Mardi Gras beads, funky hats, hula leis and many other items that everyone loves to play with. Many of these items have been around since the 80's bringing a Retro feel to any event. 

Neon party favors. Bright green, orange, hot pink and yellow in various shades and designs. Hats, gloves, sunglasses, shirts, scarves and other items that really pop. Add some of these to your black light party package so the fun never stops.

High Tech favors Flashing LED rings, bracelets, sunglasses, wands, batons and more. Multi colored, flashing or sold colors. These are great for every event. Your guests will love them. Turn the dance floor into a sea of moving colors. 

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Table Top Mini DJ Booth INCLUDED FREE for every event - Looking for the WOW factor on a smaller scale. Our Table Top DJ Booth is for you. Add pizzazz to the basic black DJ set up. In a color that you choose. Then during dance time color while change to the beat of the music to keep your guests pumped up and on the dance floor. ( Up lighting in the background adds even more style to this awesome set up)