Todd Moffre Entertainment - Party With Todd DJ Albany NY with a fun group of Bar Mitzvah guests
What should you look for when searching for the right bar mitzvah DJ or bat mitzvah DJ?  

Although a mitzvah DJ and a wedding DJ can be similar they are actually very different type of DJ entertainers. First let’s touch on the term mitzvah DJ. When I say “mitzvah DJ”, I am referring to a mobile DJ that can be used for a bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, b’not mitzvah or b’nai mitzvah. All of these events are focused on the child's religious move to adulthood. In this blog I will be using the term “mitzvah” for all of the different types. 

In comparison, although there are formalities that occur at both a mitzvah and a wedding, having someone who specializes in AND is knowledgeable in traditions and formalities for a mitzvah will save you stress and headaches. Your event will run much smoother with someone that has experience in the specific type of event you are having. It sounds obvious but it is often over looked and just because someone can provide fun wedding entertainment does not mean they will be able to handle the fast pace of the guests or keep 50, 70 or even 100, twelve and thirteen year olds engaged and entertained for hours. 
The key is to INTERVIEW them. Just because you had a great time at a wedding reception, that same DJ might be lacking in the skills for a mitzvah. Here is where doing your homework will save you lots of stress. Meet with your potential mobile DJ. Ask them how many times they have provided entertainment for a bar mitzvah. NOT just an event but specifically a mitzvah. See if you get a good vibe from what they are telling you. A school dance DJ is different from a wedding reception DJ which is different from a mitzvah DJ. Why am I trying to “pound this point home”? Simple, I have had many families come to me after having or seeing an inexperienced DJ crash and burn at a bar mitzvah and wonder why. Always ask questions about your specific type of event.

Another great way to find a good DJ is to speak with other people in your congregation that have had a bar mitzvah in the past couple of years. No one will want to steer you wrong. Often that can be the best way to find someone that will provide great entertainment for your family and friends. 

Because a mitzvah will have a combination of adults and “kids” you will need a party DJ who can appeal to both groups and engage them. They should have a wide verity of music from different genres and different eras. They should be interactive, fun, energetic and professional. They should be able to provide games and activities for the youngers guests as well as the adult guests so that no one is left out. 

You should also look for a DJ MC TEAM minimum. In other words, not JUST a DJ. What you should look for is a DJ and Master of Ceremonies combo team! This will be one person that makes sure the right music is playing at the correct time AND someone that will be out on the dance floor engaging with the “kids” and other guests. The M.C. will ensure the flow of events is correct and the timeline moves smoothly from one event to the next. The team will also work with the venue, photographer, videographer and any other professional that need to be kept in the loop. 

Lastly, bar mitzvah DJ prices, what will your party DJ prices be? Albany NY Bar Mitzvah DJ rates vary but you can expect to pay anywhere from $1000 to $2500 and more for an experienced professional or entertainment team. In that respect, to hire an experienced wedding DJ and a bar mitzvah DJ will be similar but in many other ways they will be totally different! Do your homework when looking for fun bar mitzvah entertainment! 

Good luck!!!  

Todd Moffre is an award winning master of ceremonies and has been a Bar Mitzvah DJ in Albany NY for over 20 years. He is known all around the Northeast for providing fun entertainment at many different types of parties and events. His unique and energetic style has been enjoyed by families all over. For more information, please call or e-mail him today! He specializes as a Bar Mitzvah DJ and Wedding DJ in Albany and all areas around NY, VT, CT and beyond.