Lighting is arguably, one of the most cost effective ways to enhance your venue and set atmosphere with color and brilliance. It can revive even the most basic, plain, flat surfaces into one of color and vibrancy. Using uplighting for a wedding or a Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah can transform the simple into sensational. “Uplighting” is described as taking lights and shining them “up” onto walls, artwork, statues, flower arrangements and many other things that will wash them in color. It makes these objects, that would otherwise go unnoticed, into focal points of interest. It subtlety draws a guest’s attention to it without becoming an obnoxious annoyance to the eye. Uplighting creates beauty of the boring, magnificence in the mundane. One perfect example of this is the wedding cake. Many times the wedding cake is only a small part of the wedding for 5 minutes or less while, the couple, “cuts the cake”. Most guests don’t notice the cake is even there. However, say for instance, you have spent weeks going back and forth with your baker to get your tiered wedding cake just right and then, it is placed in dimly lit area only to be lost to most people because it is just sitting there in the shadows. A DJ with uplighting or more specifically for this situation, “cake uplighting” can make your wedding cake say, “Hey, check me out! I am beautiful!”. The lighting will bring attention to your cake and draw your guests over to it. Now, it is a part of the whole experience. Without the uplighting, your cake might have gone unnoticed. 
DJs with uplighting can help make magic and bring your fairytale to life.
Some wedding cakes are left alone in a dimmly lit corner.
Albany NY Wedding DJ Todd Moffre brings your cake to life with special uplights.
 Coordinating the colors of your event with uplighting can help tie everything together. At Todd Moffre Entertainment we help assist with that color coordination. If your DJ will be providing uplighting, set up a meeting and bring a swatch of your primary and secondary colors. Most newer uplighting fixtures can be set to a million different colors (or more)! This can help draw out a secondary color in your flowers or the balloon centerpieces. Speaking of centerpieces, if you are going to be using “string lights” or twinkle lights as part of your centerpiece décor a DJs uplighting can also be coordinated to that. There are a number of different ways adding uplights to your party will effectively change the look and feel of the entire event.  
Adding uplight to your Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah can make your room really POP with life. Albany NY Bar Mitzvah DJ Todd Moffre has a lot of options.
In recent years lighting has evolved. Past lighting has been traditional “Edison bulbs”. With these you had to be careful where they were placed as the fixture would get very hot to the touch. You would also need a color film to place over the light at an attempt to get the right color. In the past this was difficult at best. With today’s L.E.D technology (LEDs) those concerns are a thing of the days gone by. LEDs produce very little heat. An LED fixture could be on for HOURs and still be relatively cool to the touch. Actually being about the same warmth as if you were to hold someone’s arm on a warm day. The way that DJ LED lights are built it is easy to get over a million shades of colors at the push of a button. 
Wedding DJs with uplighting can help set the atmosphere with color and lighting.
Lastly, an established professional DJ company, will have uplights that are, “wireless”. They have built in rechargeable batteries that will power them for hours at a time. This eliminates the need to run electric cords from one fixture to the next and then having to tape each cord down to prevent people at your party from tripping. At Party With Todd Entertainment, we also have “true wireless” uplights. This means I can control the colors and the actions of the uplights via wireless WiFi computer control. Also, the newest uplights on the market now do a verity of different functions. I can set the lights for your wedding to slowly from one color to the next. I can set the light for your Bar Mitzvah to be Red for cocktail hour and Blue for dinner. Then when it comes to dancing, I use uplighting to set the party atmosphere by pressing one butting to get the Uplights to dance to the beat of the music.  
Your bat mitzvah can look more like a princesses fairytale with just a few up lights and special touches.
Albany NY Wedding DJ Todd Moffre has some beautiful uplighting options for you to check out.

These are just a few ideas on what uplights are and how to use them to effectively enhance your wedding reception, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah or party and special events. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at with those questions or comments.