Hello and welcome to IMO: from an entertainer’s point of view. It seems that there is a blog for just about everything these days so I figured, “why not”? So here it is. This will touch on many different things from the point of view of someone that is both behind the scenes and out in front of them (I recently got engaged). My plan is to talk about many different things that have one thing in common, PARTIES! How to budget for, who to hire, where to have, what to do after and much more. You might be planning a wedding, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah or private affair. Here are the tip from a DJ to you.  After more than 25 years of being in the business of helping people plan the entertainment for events from simple to extravagant, I have found that I do have a little experience on the topic. YOU can also be a part of the fun, if you have questions or comments on any of the topics I cover or would like me to cover one specifically, please feel free to drop me a note: Todd@PartyWithTodd.com Thanks and Enjoy.  

Albany NY Wedding DJ Todd Moffre having a great time with the bride and the girls in her wedding party. Todd loves to bring the mic out so that everyone can feel like a rock star and sing along to favorite song!